Amos’s Work Experience

March 28, 2019

Hello my name is Amos and I am working with Steve for the next two weeks working in his workshop. I am currently studying Business at Leicester College but I want to start a life in jewellery making. My father works for a big American jewellery company so when I was younger I would try on his rings and bracelets and this is when I came fascinated in diamonds and precious metals. After my time at Leicester College, I will start an apprenticeship in jewellery making so I can learn the basics and develop my skills. I have big dreams of starting my own shop in America but before that I have to learn the tricks of the trade. I follow a lot of talented jewellery makers but my favourite is Ben Baller. He is an American jewellery maker who makes unique pieces for A - list celebrities all over the world. This is the level I aim to get to. During the next two weeks of my work experience, I will be posting about the jewellery I will be making and show you everything from the first drawing to the final product.