Everything Wedding Ring!

September 5, 2016

It seems the term “wedding season” is becoming less and less appropriate as we see weddings in mid winter and even some snuck in between Christmas and New Year. We find more and more that people want to discuss their requirements throughout the year, and we’re happy to talk rings anytime.

So, why should you buy your bands from us and not the high street? Well, first there’s price. Precious metal prices are the same to whoever buys them; there’s very little discount to be had by purchasing power. There is however a huge difference in our overheads and wages bills compared to your average shopping centre jeweller.

Secondly, what happens when you order your rings only to find they don’t quite fit? Someone you’ve never seen in store before will measure your finger again and the rings will go back to a central workshop for a couple of weeks while you panic they may not be back in time for the big day. They may also charge you too! We size our rings onsite, sometimes by as little as a quarter of a size, until they fit perfectly, in the time it takes to have a coffee next door. If it needs resizing again then no problem. And there’s no extra charge for this service.

Thirdly, consider that the person you deal with in store may not be the person you see next time, which added to the fact that their workshop is miles away is a recipe for communication disaster. If you purchase your rings from me you’ll only deal with me, and it’s me making them in our onsite workshop.

Another thing to consider is that your engagement ring will look old against your new wedding ring and will need cleaning, polishing and possibly re rhodium plating for the big day. We do all this onsite for no additional cost, and even if the high street jeweller offers you this service, do you really want that prized engagement ring posting off? And many do post them, even when they say they don’t. Why risk it?

We work in all precious metals, always hallmarked in the UK and manufactured with the latest technology meaning no solder joins. We make fitted bands for unusually shaped engagement rings and and match band widths and profiles to compliment your ring.

Plain bands can be made within a few days where necessary. We also do diamond set bands.

Whatever your requirements, come in for a no obligation quote or design consultation. We’re in Tuesday to Saturday 10-5.30 and can be contacted on 0116 270 5375, or feel free to email on stephen@wilkinsongoldsmiths.co.uk