Latest wedding rings from Steve.

March 10, 2017

It's been a busy few weeks for wedding rings and whilst we won't go into too much detail about the plain bands we make, I thought I'd share some of the more unusual ones.

The first is a popular style at the moment; an offset channel diamond and platinum ring. While you can pick up similar ones on the high street this one's tailor made to compliment the customer's engagement ring. The width of the wider section sits under the diamond when worn together by exactly the right amount. Secondly the diamonds are slightly larger than most high street versions, totalling about a carat of si 1 E colour. Finally the depth of the band is exactly the same as the engagement ring's shank. The images below show the marking out and hand cutting and drilling process. Three diamonds are not drilled right through in order to protect the hallmark. FullSizeRender 95 FullSizeRender 93 FullSizeRender 99 FullSizeRender 100 Next is a design we were given by our client to compliment her engagement ring which is an opal and diamond carved hoop. I put a slight curve in the band to fit the curve of the ring and used antique old cuts instead of brilliant cuts to retain the theme. FullSizeRender 82 FullSizeRender 81 Fitted bands are still a speciality even with the popularity of wed fit engagement rings- ones where the bottom of the setting is the same width as the shank allowing a plain or flat sided ring so sit correctly along side. The engagement ring in the next photo had a twist and groove which we copied to compliment the design when worn together. We required the engagement ring for 1 day in total as all work is done in store. Many shops offering this service send your ring away, sometimes in the post! This takes weeks sometimes too. FullSizeRender 85 FullSizeRender 90 FullSizeRender 91 FullSizeRender 88 FullSizeRender 83 FullSizeRender 86 Finally a his and hers. It's another offset band with pave set diamonds going half way round. The Gents is channelled to match and both have a matte/polished finish. FullSizeRender 78 FullSizeRender 80 If you require any advice on wedding rings I'm here to help via phone or email on 01162705 375 or Our advice is friendly and free and we aim to provide tailored estimates in 24 hours. I hope this has been an interesting insight into some of our favourite jobs. Best wishes, Steve.